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Phobia 2 (2009)

英文名 :
Phobia 2

中文譯名 :

導演 Director
Paween Purijitpanya
Visute Poolvoralaks
Songyos Sugmakanan
Parkpoom Wongpoom
Banjong Pisanthanakun
主演 Cast:
Jirayu Laongmanee
Worrawech Danuwong
Charlie Trairat
Nicole Theriault
Marsha Wattanapanich
語言 Languague:
泰語 (Thai)
上映日期 Released Date:
2009年9月9日 (泰國) / September 9, 2009 (Thailand)
片長 Running Time:
2小時 (proximately 2 hrs.)
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Trailer in Thai (with English subtitle):

Phobia 2 is dissected into 5 shorts stories; Novice, Ward, Backpackers, Salvage, and In The End.

Trailer in Thai:

Directed by Paween Purijitpanya
Cast :
Jirayu Laongmanee as Pey
Chumporn Theppitak as Senior Monk
Ray MacDonald as Monk
Apasiri Nitibhon as Pey's Mother

The story focuses on a 14 year old; Pey, who has committed a crime Pa-Hin (throwing rocks at oncoming cars) with his partner, Tee. In order to keep the news low, his mom decides that Pey must be ordained to become a buddhist novice to escape from the crime he committed as monks cannot be arrested. While Pey remains unnoticed as a criminal by the law, his actions at a sanctuary disturbs a ceremony which was performed in order to "feed" the ghosts of the punished youth. Also, it is here where he has flashbacks of the night he caused his father's accident (and death) by throwing rocks at his car, mistaking him for a normal driver. While seeking repentance, was being punished by an invisible presence hurl rocks at him until he becomes severely disfigured. He attempts to call his mother for help but she only hears a high pitched cry. Pey is then transformed into on the punished ghosts for his crime.

Directed by Visute Poolvoralaks
Cast :
Worrawech Danuwong as Arthit
Chartpawee Treechartchawanwong as Nurse
Gacha Plienwithi as Old man

Arthit is a playful teenager who crashes his bike and fractures both his legs, requiring him to spend the night in a hospital. He is moved from the ER into a shared room, where he meets an old man in a coma who has been waiting for almost a month for his family to decide to pull the plug on his life support. He is scheduled to be let go the next day, as his last relatives need to travel from the North to see him. As the night progresses, Arthit begins to see strange things, such as a tray of food left for the old man suddenly disappearing. He tries to convince a nurse to move rooms but to no avail. As the night draws to an end, the old man suddenly gets up and attacks Arthit. He almost gains the upper hand when the old man pukes into his mouth and the screen fades to black. The next morning when the nurse checks on Arthit, she finds that the old man's spirit has been transferred into Arthit. It appears that this was the family's intention as they are seen bowing to him as he exits on a wheelchair.

Directed by Songyos Sugmakanan
Cast :
Charlie Trairat as Joi
Sutheerush Channukool as Driver
Akiko Ozeki as Japanese Girl
Theerneth YuKi Tanaka as Japanese Boy

Backpakers begins innocently enough with two Japanese travelers (a boy and a girl - it is not clear if they are partners or brother and sister)hitchhiking through the Thai countryside with no luck. No one will pick them up until the Japanese boy waves a small wad of money at a truck passing by which stops to pick them up. The truck is driven by a rough and dirty looking man who immediately extorts them for more money and a young man who refers to the older as 'boss' and asks him not to pick up the passangers. This is no ordinary truck with no ordinary cargo and problems begin when the driver gets a mystery phone call that sets him shouting down the phone "don't make trouble!" And While they're traveling there is heard a loud banging from inside the back of the truck. After hearing this, the driver takes a wrong route and holds the hitchhikers hostage at gun point before stopping the truck in the middle of nowhere and taking the keys. When the driver and his young friend check their cargo, to their surprise the truck was filled with lots of dead bodies (We are given a flashback that makes us assume the young man was transporting people who swallowed bun sized balls of drugs/amphetimines making him a drug runner)- so it seems the shock is because they are dead - not because they are there. When they drop the bodies out of the truck the young Japanese backpaker gains the upper hand by getting the gun but not for long as suddenly the dead bodies returns to life and began chasing them. Will they outwit the angry undead before they become their meal? It is a zombie story with a twist that you certainly wont see again in a hurry. Creepy!

Directed by Parkpoom Wongpoom
Cast :
Nicole Theriault as Nuch
Peeratchai Roompol as Toey

Nuch is a car dealer with a difference. She makes her comfortable living by rebuilding severely damaged cars, many from fatal accidents, and sells them to the unsuspecting with a sweet smile and a hand shake. But little do these unsuspecting bargain hunters know, that beneath the new upholstery and shiny repainted exteriors are cars with horrific pasts. One night after closing the car garage she discovers her son is missing. She tried to look for her son in her compound, and was spooked by the ghosts of accident victims. She got locked in a car, and witnessed how some of the victims got burnt to death in the car during an accident. Eventually she managed to escape, and tried driving her own car away. She had difficulties starting her car, and the engine sounded weird. As she pulled away from the compound, her car's engine suddenly died. She stepped out, and found her son's shoe in front of the car.

She stepped forward, bracing herself for the worst, and opened the bonnet of the car. There, she found her little boy, incinerated by the engine of the car. The parts closed with Nuch crying motionless to her body-squashed dead little son.

In The End
Directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun
Cast :
Marsha Wattanapanich as Marsha
Nuttapong Chartpong as Ter
Kantapat Permpoonpatcharasuk as Aey
Wiwat Krongrasri as Shin
Pongsatorn Jongwilas as Puak
Phijitra Ratsameechawalit as Gade
Nimitr Lugsameepong as Director

Ter, Puak, Shin and Aey are the movie crew of an upcoming ghost/horror movie "ALONE 2". They are shooting their last scene, the climax where the ghost appears crawling out of a dark hallway. Puak is trying to be cool and tells one of the sick cast member - Gade - playing the ghost, that "the show must go on". However she becomes too sick to finish the shoot and is taken to hospital where a doctor informs her friend that she is dead. A funny tragedy of errors ensues where it becomes hard to tell who is really dead and a ghost and who is not IN THE END.

Download / 下載:
5條大路通陰間 Phobia 2 【Part 01】.rmvb
5條大路通陰間 Phobia 2 【Part 02】.rmvb

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  1. This is the BEST Thai horror movie I have so far. Great story and directing. The cast are performing so good.